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May 20, 2019 ... Armani is commonly considered to be the real star of American Gigolo. He and Richard Gere where at the beginning of their careers and are a ...

Giorgio Armani Bites Back at Roberto Cavalli’s Nasty Blog In Fashion’s New Feud

The name of Giorgio Armani has always been associated with opulence, luxury, elegance and style. It’s interesting to mention that this well-known creative genius has started small and made it big in the fashion world.


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Eventually, Giorgio Armani launched his first fashion store in 1975, and soon after that, the designer turned into a frequent presenter of luxury outfits on the runways of New York City, London, Rome and Paris.

Armani hotel milano

Jul 10, 2014 ... Fashion blog ... Such is the happy fate of Giorgio Armani, who reaches his ninth decade on ... Armani is practically fashion's patron saint in Italy.

Cheap Armani Watch: Our guide to getting the best deal on a designer Armani watch and the top lookalikes

In the beginning of his career, Armani had no idea what his calling was. He dabbled in various professional fields, including medicine, the military and administration stores sales (one of his first jobs was the La Rinascente!), until he assuredly realized that he belonged to the fashion industry.

Armani foundation

A bit about Geordie Armani. ... A few years ago I started a food blog and this has snowballed into something bigger than I ever expected, but I am extremely ...


In addition to his accouterment accumulating Armani Prive, targeted to both men and women, the Italian designer has developed a added affordable fashion line called Emporio Armani.  With its added casual feel, the Emporio Armani accouterment chain targets a laid-back, business chic audience.  The accumulating also features fine textures, fun accessories and uni-sex classy watches.

Armani exchange

See for yourself what our patients thought of their procedure at Alvi Armani. Browse through personal blog sites where patients post their own before and after ...

All About Giorgio Armani

Emporio Armani keep you looking fantastic in an active, dynamic life. From the world of hiking, we have a collection that features rich pieces and agile shapes: snap-hooks and ropes ballast bags, backpacks and accessories to the body; zips close climbing trousers off from the asphalt jungle. These are details that add personality to the design, yet maintain the practicality that is such a cornerstone of the Armani world.

Armani perfume

Aug 23, 2019 ... All about Giorgio Armani… The name of Giorgio Armani has always been associated with opulence, luxury, elegance and style. It's interesting ...

Geordie Armani …

In tune with the colder weather, Armani keeps to classic colours with black and grey tracksuits, large logo printed t-shirt and khaki hoodies in smart cuts. Sensible yet comfortable, these pieces are perfect for an alive lifestyle.  Shop the autumn/winter collection today with Mainline Menswear.

Armanino llp

The ArmaniTalks Blog helps you improve your communication skills. You will learn the art of public speaking, social skills & digitial content creation.

AW18 With Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is a brand that transcends borders, and this year they have us prepped for AW18 with their new ambit inspired by blends of nature and the metropolitan life. Keep warm with Armani bomber jackets, coats jumper and trousers, address patterns reminiscent of butterflies, leaves and clouds, transformed into jacquard-like poetic 3D camouflage.

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